All that came before

Mountain Beltway is the new home for Callan Bentley’s geoblogging. NOVA Geoblog will soon be closed, but will be left untouched. Like a fossil, it will be static but present, an artifact from an earlier time. It is hoped that the thousand-plus posts accumulated there will continue to be useful to the Internet-surfing public.


3 Responses

  1. Will you be keeping NOVA Geoblog up for posterity and good photos, rock examples, etc – or will you have to import it to a page on this blog, or what? @rschott and I want to know.

    Very nice looking! Tags are easy to find (mine are way down the sidebar). I like the “callander” widget but can’t have one in blogger. Now all you need is a recent comments widget! :)

  2. I just need to get some comments first!

  3. I’ll leave NOVA Geoblog exactly where it is, exactly as it is now. That way all the links to it will remain valid.

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