Emriver in action

Today, a few photos of my spring Environmental Geology class doing a New Orleans Case Study lab using our lovely Emriver river process simulator:





That’s it. I mainly shot these photos for Steve Gough, as NOVA is participating in the new grant he submitted to NSF, but I figured I would share them here, too. The students gave permission for the use of their images. I’ll blog up the Emriver itself someday: a fun toy indeed!


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  1. Hey Callan – I have been toying with the idea of writing a grant to get an Emriver model…do you leave yours up all the time, or do you pack it away. How easy is it to do that — I am not sure where I would have the space to leave it up.

    I was excited to see your model at work. I just need to convince my department that it would work

    • Katie, this little movie will answer a couple of your questions: http://emriver.com/emrs50.mov –we’ve put a lot of design effort into making it easy to transport and store. This model grew out of my many years of experience using small models for teaching.

      Thanks very much for the post, Callan!

      • Hi Katie,
        So far, we’ve left ours up the whole time. But it’s definitely designed to be mobile.

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