The working life

It’s a rough life, working in the places I have to work… here are a few photos from yesterday’s field trip on the Billy Goat Trail with my NOVA Physical Geology students. Photos are courtesy Dr. Meg Coleman, who joined us for the hike.

A post-lunch lecture on river incision (note the two prominent bedrock terraces, a.k.a. “straths” in the background):

The crew climbing the dreaded “Traverse” section of the trail:traverse

We had a nice hot day yesterday: almost 90° F! Tragically, the snack bar was closed when we got back to the visitor’s center, so we were denied our salutatory Italian ices. Back to the trail tomorrow, for the 4th of 5 trips this week…


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  1. Looks like a great trip. I’d be curious to see what else was in the area, as I am unfamiliar with the area.

  2. It looks like I will be making a DC trip in the Fall, and I am trying to find a day to finallly experience thisi oft written about trail. Do you have a “Geology Underfoot” trail guide that you can share?

  3. Philip,
    I owe you a personal tour out there — why don’t you shoot me an e-mail with your dates of visitation; we’ll see what we can swing.
    There’s a detailed description of the BGT’s geology here.

  4. That looks like a treacherous climb for a group of freshman/sophomores. The group that I took Physical with were very naive of the out-of-doors, but that was some time ago.

  5. Solius:
    It is totally pushing their comfort envelope for some students, no doubt about it. That’s why I like it: the visceral, physical engagement with the landscape makes the trip a keen memory for participants. The Traverse looks much worse than it really is (total inclination is only 20 degrees or so).

  6. Looks like a great trail and…OMG, awesome straths. I can’t believe I never hiked it when I lived in Baltimore.

    • Anne,
      There’s a guided tour waiting for you (and your student entourage) next time you’re in the DC area.

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