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Can anyone tell me what’s so significant about this stick that the Smithsonian would put it on display?


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  1. Harry Potter’s magic wand?

  2. just seeing the term ‘ant dipping tool’ make some think it’s some branch possibly used by chimps, perhaps even the famed ones in the Gombe that Goodall studied.

    Squinting shows the word ‘chimpanzees’ is indeed used in the text though I can’t quite make out the location. :p It’s really no more and no less significant than a few bits of wood and iron manipulated a little more to make a finished “garden hoe”.

    • Close! It’s actually a SPEAR used by chimpanzees to SPEAR sleeping bush babies (small, big-eyed primates) in tree holes!! SPEARED BUSH BABIES, people!! Holy cow; chimps are brutal hunters!!

  3. Ah, I assume you’re cruising the new Hall of Human Origins in the National Museum of Natural History. I was entranced by the skulls and could hardly pay attention to anything else.

    • You guessed it, Tony!

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