Hand lens + iPhone → Macrocamera

Ever since I saw this at Microecos and Myrmecos, the staff here at “Mountainecos” have been wanting to try it out. Behold my first three iPhone photos supplemented by a hand lens (Belomo triplet, at a distance of about 1.5 cm from the subjects):




That’s a trilobite and a penny, by the way. Try it out; post your results!


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  1. That. Is. Awesome!

  2. And I had to give it a go myself

  3. Wow, these are great results!

  4. And here’s mine.

  5. These are fun, but not publishable quality even for the web, which is a shame. How do they look on the iPhone’s screen? That could be useful for closeups of things where you can’t stick your head.

  6. I think the detail of the trilobite in the last picture is quite good.

  7. […] tend to always have a hand lens at the ready, and posted some great closeup shots of, well, rocks. Mountain Beltway started the trend (I guess the cool kids call these ‘memes’), Highly Allochthonous and […]

  8. ReBecca just left a few examples on her blog, too.

  9. […] belmo triplet hand-lens. This is an idea I got from my structural geology professor Callan over at Mountain Beltway.  This is great fun and actually produces pictures that rival the quality of my digital camera […]

  10. […] taking macro photos with my new phone, especially since you can do it easily with a hand lens. (I don’t have an Iphone, but I figure the trick should work just as well with my new LG. […]

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