Ripple marks

… And here are some ripple marks from a block of the same sandstone in the previous image.

Nice! Hope everyone is doing well. Lots of good geological experiences to report on, buy it’s hard to write a substantive blog post from phone… You’ll have to wait until I’m back at a computer!


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  1. Hahahahahaha……….

    I can see it.

  2. Different time level Marine fossils in Kutch and LAND vegetation fossil in the in-between periods

    Early carboniferous Lycopsid fossil has been sited in the layers of underneath Jurassic ammonite layers (More detailed information will be sent on request)

    Early Devonian vegetative fossils has been spotted in deeper layers of black hills underneath layers of marine fossil layers in the top.

    Similarly North Khadir Hills has many giant Lycopsid tree trunks and younger marine fossils in Upper layers of Hills

    Merula Spendis generally not found in Kutch but at one place it has been seen in Deep under layers of Tapakeshwari hills waterfall area during visit with Dr SHRIGARPURE in 2007 also samples of trilobites have been collected from Nakhtrana river.

    And surprisingly fossils of Stromatolites (Strombolites) have been spotted in Kutch and Live stromatolites are under water coral rifts in the bay of kutch.

    Though geologist all over the world do visit to research in Kutch but Geological study has not been given such a priority in KUTCH. Kutch do have fossilised strombolites in Gangeshwar dome area. when it was under shalow sea water it has LIVING fossils at that time but later with the uplift of the area from the sea bed. those fossils are plenty on the gangeshwar hill area.

    Though Australians and Americans geologist has dome more to study similar fossils in PERTH of AUSTRALIA. none of geologist has given the time to the strombolites foosils of Gangeshwar dome of KUTCH. similarly Bay of Kutch is full of misteries. Diving in bay of kutch reveals a beutiful coral seabed and planty of Living STROMATOLITES which are original organisms of the time of the evolution of life on the Earth. picture of the BAY of kutch and Perth Australlia wil; be sent on email request along with gangeshwar dome strombolites fossils in KUTCH

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