Friday fold: Cretaceous sandstone

Happy Friday, everyone!


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  1. Here’s to tough sandstones! This has spurred me on to grappling with my video-editing software, and finally producing the first animated Through the Sandglass edition. I might even feature some of my own pet folds that I have lying around the place…..

    • Ooh — I like that.
      The only thing better than a Video Friday Fold is…
      … DUELING Video Friday Folds!

  2. Sorry Callan that this is not on the topic, the letter to the editor (in the twitter feed on the right ) concerning the “real cause of global warming” may have been intended in jest to provoke the obvious incredulous reactions from newspaper readers. Of course I would not be surprised anymore about much of the wacko ideas that Glenn Beck/Sarah Palin tea-party loonies would come up with(see sarcastic comment in twitter post)

  3. Callan:

    I DID enjoy it!

  4. This post certainly raises the bar for all geo bloggers. I promise, the next time in DC I will schedule more time into my plans.

  5. Outstanding!

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