Lola, the cartoonist’s companion

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any photos of my supremely helpful cat Lola on the blog, so here you go:


Lola loves to sit on paper, so when I break out the sketchbook to start working on my monthly cartoon for EARTH magazine, she sidles right up and stakes a claim. Fortunately, I was able to continue working in this case, as she wasn’t perched on the “active area” of the paper.


As you may be able to discern, the cartoon is about the newly-fraught relationship between geologists and the law… watch for it in December’s issue of EARTH.


The word is out…

Others have started announcing our move to a new blog consortium hosted by the American Geophysical Union, so I suppose I will go ahead and reveal that I, too, am part of this scientific cabal…

Sometime before the end of the month, Mountain Beltway and six other top-notch earth and space science blogs will relocate to AGU servers and a new URL. I’ll leave directions here for folks to follow…

Photos from Virginia Geological Field Conference

For the second year in a row, more exotic travel plans meant that I wasn’t able to attend the superb Virginia Geological Field Conference. I see that they have now posted some photos on the group’s Facebook page, so go check them out to see what we both missed last weekend. Here’s a taste:

Sheared meta-conglomerate:

Metamorphosed mantle (?) xenoliths: