Butter Buster animation

A million years ago, I posted about my inaugural attempt to use the Butter Buster to illustrate shear zone deformation to my structural geology students.

Today, using the UnFREEz program to make an animated GIF (Thanks, Lockwood!), I give you the Butter Buster animation:


Hand lens + iPhone → Macrocamera

Ever since I saw this at Microecos and Myrmecos, the staff here at “Mountainecos” have been wanting to try it out. Behold my first three iPhone photos supplemented by a hand lens (Belomo triplet, at a distance of about 1.5 cm from the subjects):




That’s a trilobite and a penny, by the way. Try it out; post your results!

Live geoblogging: assessment

What do you think, folks? Do you like seeing field photos as I take them? Should I continue the Transect Trip instant photoblog series tomorrow as we traverse the Valley & Ridge?

Graded bed sample

Today during Physical Geology lab, I used our grinding wheel to plane down a turbidite sample than I collected this past December down in Chilean Patagonia. Thanks to the technological miracle of blogging via iPhone, I can send it to you in a mere 45 seconds. Enjoy the graded bed: let it transport you back to the Cretaceous, in a deep marine basin with periodic influxes of mud and sand. Ahhh, turbidite; take me away!

Test post via iPhone

This is a test post to see if I can really make a blog post from my mobile phone…